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Acupuncture Weight Loss in Boca Raton | Acupuncture Zen

Acupuncture Weight Loss in Boca Raton | Acupuncture Zen. management may be effective form of treatment that you may not have tried for weight management. If you have been dinning on the tasteless meals from dieting programs for months, and running in the humid heat around your neighborhood; you take a deep breath and step on the scale only to realize that the scale is not indicating the desired change. Weight management can be frustrating, but acupuncture can help one regulate their weight. Weight gain may be a symptom of the root cause such as stress, insomnia, emotional issues and unbalance in general. The feeling that your system just doesn’t feel right. Maybe there’s more frustration or irritability, an indicator that the Liver is out of balance. Or you may be pensive and over thinking things, an indicator that the Spleen is under functioning which is affecting the energy system of the body. These are a couple examples of the symptoms that the Acupuncturist pays attention to.

Excess weight issues result from hormones, poor diet, medical problems, irregular sleep, drug side effects, and lack of exercise. It can affect your health and your lifestyle. People who are overweight are at more risk for major health issues, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. They also struggle with depression and low self-esteem due to the social stigma that is placed on overweight individuals, as well as ridicule from peers. Acupuncture has the ability to regulate endocrine function through the use of specific points and regulating the communication between the organ system, the five elements in traditional Chinese theory.

People who are underweight are also at risk for health concerns, such as a weak immune system, fatigue, low muscle mass, and hair loss. Being underweight can affect one’s social life because they often become introverts and social recluses, according to the Minnesota Starvation Experiment and reported by Vision Psychology. It can also alter one’s mood to become easily angered and melancholy. In some cases, the individual becomes consumed with the idea of food and constantly thinks about what and how they will eat, while their normal thought process is impaired, making it more difficult to make decisions.

Acupuncture Weight Loss in Boca Raton | Acupuncture Zen, how does it help? Acupuncture can be effective by helping one manage their weight by altering your body’s metabolism. For overweight individuals, acupuncture speeds up the metabolism to promote the ingestion of body fat. Through balancing and regulating the organ system and decreasing other aspects such as stress and emotional imbalance not only by regulation of hormones but also regulation of Qi and Blood or the movement of energy throughout the body in a harmonious way. Acupuncture unblocks the stagnant areas where there has been malaise. It aids in the digestion of food through the stomach and intestines, as well as lowers the acid in the stomach, which can curve one’s appetite by decreasing their food cravings, while also reducing cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. For gaining weight, acupuncture acts on the parts of the body that are responsible for increasing appetite, such as the stomach and spleen. By invigorating these systems, one can improve appetite. Not dissimilar to when the treatment for nausea related issues with chemotherapy induced treatment. Acupuncture can be a useful method in helping patients regain their appetite and regulate gastrointestinal and bowel function.

Acupuncture Weight Management

During acupuncture, you may feel like you are in nature decreasing your body’s stress and allowing your energy system to to flow more harmoniously. This is one way to Regulate the Mind.

Acupuncture Weight Loss in Boca Raton | Acupuncture Zen and the weight management program can be effective because it goes beyond just treating the weight issue, but extends to treat the cause of the weight gain and weight loss, such as depression or anxiety and the like. This is done by altering the chemicals in the brain to produce more of the neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and endorphins, that make one feel good. In this way, individuals struggling with weight control will start to feel happier, and as a result will not need to overindulge or avoid food to make them feel better.

From an Eastern perspective, acupuncture and weight management issues stem from the dysfunction of the spleen and liver and their lack of harmony. Acupuncture treatment on the kidney channel and urinary bladder channel or meridians can increase urination output as water retention can also play a vital role. Manipulation of the ear, a microsystem for the rest of the body and internal organs can be utilized through acupuncture needles being placed at specific points and regions that can also curb food cravings. Throughout the process of acupuncture one of the common experiences is the Regulation Of The Mind. This comes with deep peace and relaxation when receiving treatment at our clinic at Acupuncture Zen in Delray Beach, FL serving Acupuncture patients in Boynton Beach, Boca Raton and Lake Worth. Visit to find out more.


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