Tennis elbow treated with Acupuncture Boca Raton | Acupuncture Zen


Tennis elbow treated with Acupuncture Boca Raton | Acupuncture Zen

Did you know you could get tennis elbow treated with Acupuncture Boca Raton | Acupuncture Zen.

Tennis elbow can be a nagging injury that can effect your daily routine and athletic performance. Lateral Epicondylitis, as it is termed, is an inflammation of the lateral or outside tendons of the forearm. This can disrupt the elbows movement with extension. Pain is usually associated around the lateral epicondyle, where the bump of the elbow is protruding and varying levels of sensitivity.

Having treated a myriad of sporting elites, Dr. Willcox has utilized his extensive acupuncture background in developing protocols that are effective in treating tennis elbow and golf elbow, lateral and medial epicondylitis. Acupuncture is not the only form of therapy applied by Acupuncture Boca Raton for this treatment of either chronic or acute conditions of tennis elbow. Class 3b THOR Laser therapy may be used or a class IV K Laser Therapy may be used to decrease inflammation and improve blood flow to the tendons, ligaments and musculature bring a decrease in pain in an effective manner. This use of modern sports medicine and traditional techniques with acupuncture get the best of both worlds, new and old, traditional and modern, a classic yin and yang paradigm.

Having over thirteen years of clinical experience with this condition and holding the acupuncture physician position of the National Hockey Leagues’ Florida Panthers for seven years, you know Dr. tony Willcox has seen his fair share of not only tennis elbow but all types of pain and discomfort, including not only physical but emotional conditions. Treating the body as a whole is always the key for the field of traditional Chinese medicine which includes not only acupuncture but also Chinese medicinal therapy with internal and external medicine.


Always learning, Dr. Tony Willcox at the Anhui University of Chinese Medicine in Sept. 2016.

After 13 years of practice and a bachelors of health science, a masters of acupuncture and oriental medicine, a national double board certification in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, a clinical doctorate in acupuncture and oriental medicine, this wasn’t enough. More learning, growing and expanding knowledge was in order.  Dr. Tony is now completing the PhD. Acupuncture program as designated by the Chinese education department. You know your in good hands when someone dedicates their life to continued learning in the field of acupuncture in order to help others and be able to play a part in relieving pain, discomfort and suffering for patients.

The featured image in this post is a patient receiving acupuncture treatment for tennis elbow at Anhui University of traditional Chinese Medicine.

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